Biometa Finland Ltd

Biometa Finland Ltd provides farmers with solutions for livestock manure management, self-sufficient bedding production, production of organic and inorganic fertilizers and energy production. Utilizing agricultural sidestreams and nutrients is also an environmental accomplishment.

Why invest in the company

  1. Circular economy is a global phenomenon
  2. Environmental awareness and its procedures become concrete
  3. Bioproduct plant is a new innovation that has been scientifically and experimentally verified
  4. With full automation and efficient management, organic side streams are made into economically viable products based on material circulation
  5. Viability and short payback time have been the basis for plant design
  6. Bioproduct plant is a multi-product plant that produces several goods
  7. Modular structure and scalable for different farm sizes
  8. Great market potential in Finland and abroad

Environmental benefits

  1. Reduces the amount of manure applied on the fields by more than 10%, which brings savings for the farm and reduces carbon dioxide emissions from manure transporting
  2. Processing decreases the chemical oxygen demand of organic liquid fraction in field application by more than 50% compared to raw sludge (information examined during a testing period)
  3. The decline in organic matter in manure as a result of processing is more than 75% compared to application of unprocessed manure, which has a significant effect on reducing environmental burden in the field and nature (examined and measured decrement percentage of organic matter)
  4. Processing reduces the total amount of nitrogen by 30% in field application compared to application of unprocessed manure (measured) but not significantly the total amount of soluble nitrogen (measured)
  5. Thanks to processing, the amount of phosphorous is approximately 30% smaller in liquid fertilizer, compared to unprocessed manure
  6. Odor nuisances of manure are reduced significantly or totally eliminated, when the odor problems during application of manure can be removed
  7. The nutrients in the fluid fraction of the bioproduct plant transform into a form more accessible to plants (nitrogen becomes soluble in the process), when also runoffs to waters are reduced (plants use nutrients more efficiently), and the need for purchasing energy-intensive artificial fertilizers reduced
  8. With the process, it is possible to diminish circulation of weed plant seeds from manure into field
  9. Manageability of manure improves significantly, which brings working-time savings in connection with application of the liquid digestion residues produced by the plant (i.a. decrease in the amount of obstructions, the concentration of solids in separated fluid fraction is lower compared to sludge)


  1. Time savings and focus on main business is ensured through service business
  2. Increase in self-sufficiency (bedding, fertilizers and energy)
  3. Minimizing uncertainty of climate and markets (i.a. availability of imported fertilizers)
  4. Bioproduct plant transforms manure into several goods, which are:
    • Biogas
      • Wide application
      • Replaces nonrenewable natural resources
    • Liquid manure fraction
      • Efficient fertilizing effect
      • Decreases runoffs to waters
    • Sanitized and dry manure-solids for bedding material
      • Own use
      • Additional use (increased own use)
      • Sale
    • Inorganic fertilizer derived from manure
      • Phosphorous, lime and potassium