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Biometa Finland Ltd

Unique value promise

With a fully automated bioproduct plant, farmer-entrepreneurs refine livestock manure into valuable products and can spend their time on their main business. 


Biometa’s vision is to be the leading manufacturer of bioproduct plants in Finland and Europe.”
Jari Karvonen

Managing Director, Biometa Finland Ltd


The mission of Biometa Finland Ltd is to be a serving companion of the farmer-entrepreneurs and help to transform costs into profits, simultaneously freeing the entrepreneur’s time resources to management of the main business. 


Providing a solution

Providing a solution proven to be working and viable

Operational guarantee

Continuous optimization, operation and maintenance


Product management and processing services


Investment funding and support through business partners


Prosperity of the customer

Biometa Finland Ltd’s fully automated bioproduct plant refines cost-causing manure into valuable products which increase the viability of the farm. Thanks to full automation and service business, the customer can focus on developing their own main business. Acquiring an organic product facility helps the customer to achieve current regulations and meet demands for efficient manure management.


The bioproduct plant produces phosphorous- and nitrogen-containing fertilizer fractions, with whose help fertilization is targeted precisely depending on the need of nutrients. Fertilization decreases eutrophication of both waters and soil by significantly reducing environmental nutrient loading. This is done with the most efficient techniques for reducing the amount of harmful nutrients, and by significantly reducing the total amount of organic byproducts in the nutrient cycling on farms. 

Credibility & honesty

Research and product development related to the bioproduct plant have been done systematically and ethically, so that all research results can be presented openly and with statistical significance, based on comparisons with measured performances and economies of existing plants. The bioproduct plant has been tested on a test-site in its real operating environment, so that we can ensure it meets the customer’s requirements and verify the operationality of the plant. Process samples have been analyzed in an accredited laboratory. 


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