Technology for circular economy and environmental protection

Fully automatic bioproduct plant, which refines manure into valuable products without increasing farmer’s workloads

Biometa Finland Ltd provides solutions for utilising farm side streams and controlling nutrients.  

With a fully automatic bioproduct plant and service business, farmers can concentrate on their main business. 

Biometa’s bioproduct plant cleans the environment, replaces nonrenewable natural resources and transforms manure into valuable goods.  With the fully automatic Biometa bioproduct plant, manure is processed into valuable products. 

  • Hygienic and dry manure-solids for bedding 
  • Organic and inorganic fertilizer derived from manure 
  • Energy-rich biogas
  • Reduces the time devoted to manure management 

The economic viability of the bioproduct plant builds on versatile bio-based products. Viability and short payback time of investments are also secured by time saved with full automation and the energy efficiency of management process achieved with new integrated technologies. Efficient management of organic material, such as manure, is also essential for the environment, to prevent eutrophication, odor nuisances and other emissions. 

The service concept of Biometa Finland Ltd bioproduct plant emphasizes the ease of usability and maintenance, wherefore acquiring and using the plant does not cause extra work for farmentrepreneurs, which is why entrepreneurs can concentrate on their main business. 

Product development is based on scientifically and experimentally produced knowledge

  • The goal of Biometa Finland Ltd’s product development is to provide competitive and technically advanced products to customers. 
  • Our company aims to be an international precursor in its own field. 
  • Product development and research is done in co-operation with enterprises and research facilities. 
  • Examination and test operations related to production development are done in an authentic operating environment. 
  • Our product development is based on scientifically examined knowledge and our process samples are analyzed in an independent accredited laboratory. 


Examined on our farm-scaled test site 


  • According to analysis results, efficient management of the liquid fraction of manure leads to an approximately 75% decline in organic matter in field application, compared to the starting point (application of manure without processing). 
  • According to the analyses made, the environmental burden of manure decreases by 60% measured in chemical oxygen demand (COD-Cr). 
  • Simultaneously, however, the fertilizer properties of the applied end product, the liquid fraction of processed manure, with relation to soluble nitrogen improve by 40%, and the annual amount of phosphorous in the liquid decreases by 30%. 
  • Processing also reduces transportation and application costs, according to analyses, the mass of the material applied on fields decreases by approximately 15% on an annual basis. 
Disclaimer: The key figures of the organic product facility are farm-specific and depend on the amount and properties of manure. The organic product facility is dimensioned according to farm-specific calculations and manure analyses. 

Source: Public summary of the Maabio project’s final report. Biometa Finland Ltd, 2018. 

When soil does well, animals do well and agricultural entrepreneur does well.
Petteri Heikkinen



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