Technology for circular economy and environmental protection

Fully automatic bioproduct plant, which refines manure into valuable products without increasing farmer's workloads

Biometa Finland Ltd. offers solutions for utilizing farm sidestreams and managing nutrients. With the help of a fully automated bioproduct plant and service concept, the farmers can focus on their main business.

Bioproduct plant is an integration of several separate processes

Bioproduct plant consists of several separate processes that are integrated together. Economical profitability is based on a wide range of bio-based products and on the small size of the equipment. Profitability and the short payback period of the investment are further ensured by the time savings brought about by the full automation and the energy efficiency of the processing process, which will be achieved with new integrated technologies.

Bioproduct plant utilizes IOT-bases solutions

IoT-based solutions, as well as applications based on digital twin and predictive learning, are utilized in the remote operation and remote optimization of the fully-automated bioproduct plant. Conveniency of use and maintenance are especially considered in the service concept, so that the acquisition of the plant and its use doesn’t result in extra work for the agricultural entrepreneur.

Bioproduct plant integrates in a farm

Efficient handling of organic material, such as manure, is environmentally relevant to prevent eutrophication, odors, and other emissions. Bioproduct plant designed to be fully-automated produces substantial benefits such as:

  • Time savings and ability to focus on the main business is ensured by the service concept
  • Increase in self-sufficiency (bedding, fertilizers, and energy)
  • Minimization of climate and market uncertainties (e.g., availability of imported fertilisers)
  • Manure is converted into several products:
  • Biogas
    • Extensive applications
    • Replaces non-renewable natural resources
  • Liquid fertilizer fraction
    • Nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  • Sterilized manure bedding
    • Own use (replaces purchase beddings)
    • Additional usage (increased own usage)
    • Out-of-farm sales
    • Usage as a substrate is being tested
  • Dry fertilizer fraction
    • Phosphorus-rich fertilizer


When soil does well, animals do well and agricultural entrepreneur does well.

Petteri Heikkinen