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Biometa Finland Ltd provides farmers with solutions for livestock manure management, self-sufficient bedding production, fertilizers manufacture and energy production

Biometa Finland Ltd is a provider of circular economy–based solutions for technological and service business. The main products of the company are farm-scaled bioproduct plants and service concepts designed for managing organic side streams emerging in production. With full automation and efficient management, organic side streams are made into economically viable and material circulation-based products. Simultaneously, energy is produced and concentration of nutrients in the environment decreased.


  • Global food production challenges and the decrease of agricultural land per capita
  • Self-sufficiency of food production and the security of supply that comes with it
  • The environmental and economical challenges of agriculture
  • Globally, only 10% of the manure is processed
  • At the moment, the inefficient treatment of the manure causes costs
  • Untreated manure causes eutrophication and increases the environmental burden
  • The nutrient ratio of untreated manure in manure spreading is not optimal
  • Treating of manure requires time
Bioproduct Plant Design

One Solution

  • A new completely automatic farm-scaled bioproduct plant
  • A bioproduct plant makes a farmer–entrepreneur’s time usage more efficient
  • Manure is refined into sterilized bedding material, efficient fertilizer fractions and energy-rich biogas
  • Increases self-sufficiency and security of supply
  • Significantly decreases the odor and environmental burden caused by manure
  • Find out more about our bioproduct plant

When soil does well, animals do well and agricultural entrepreneur does well.

Petteri Heikkinen

Biometa Finland Ltd. has experimentally developed a biocircular-economy based bioproduct plant concept.

Biometa Finland Ltd is a provider of circular economy–based solutions for technological and service business. The main products of the company are farm-scaled bioproduct plants and service concepts designed for managing organic side streams emerging in production.

Kempeleen koelaitos Biotuotelaitos Havainne
Kempele Pilot Plant

Kempele Pilot Plant

  • Launched in 2017 on a dairy farm
  • Carried out two government key projects
  • Developed and optimized the process as well as the bioproducts
Bioproduct Plant Design

Bioproduct Plant

  • Produces four products: sterilized manure bedding, phosphorus- and nitrogen fertilizers and biogas
  • Designed to be fully-automatic, remote controlled and –optimized
  • Environment and profitability have been the center of the R&D process

Bioproduct plant refines several bioproducts and is significantly different from a traditional biogas plant

Biogas Plant Product Cards

Typical manure handling biogas plant

  • Uses manure as raw material
  • Produces biogas and fertilizer
  • Consumes customer’s time
  • Reduces manure-induced greenhouse gases
Bioproduct Plant Product Cards

Bioproduct Plant

  • Uses manure as raw material
  • Produces four bioproducts: sterilized manure bedding, liquid and solid fertilizer and biogas
  • Maintenance and remoteoptimization as a service
  • Reduces manure-induced greenhouse gases
  • Reduces manure-induced ammonia emissions
  • Integration of several separate process
  • Get to know our bioproducts

Bioproduct Plant as Solution

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Bioproduct plant's efficient bioreactors are physically smaller and enable lower investment costs

Reaktori Biokaasu

Typical manure handling biogas plant

  • Retention time 30–60 days
  • Temperature of the process 37–45°C
  • Reactor size 100 units
Reaktori Biotuotelaitos

Bioproduct Plant

  • Retention time 20 days
  • Temperature of the process 30°C
  • Reactor size -70% (30 units)

Biometa's Bioreactor

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The bioproduct plant is significantly environment-positive solution

Division of carbon emissions [CO2e kg / year]

Emissions Without Plant

Before bioproduct plant

  • Manure handling, no equipment 
  • Straw bedding 
  • Woodchips for heat
  • Carbon emissions per produced kilo of milk 1,03 kg/CO2e
  • Carbon emissions from manure handling 100 units
  • Crop yield 100 units
  • Nitrogen emissions 100 units
Emissions Change With Plant

With bioproduct plant

  • Manure handling 100 % 
  • Sterilized bedding 
  • Biogas for heat
  • Carbon emissions per produced kilo of milk 0,77 kg/CO2e -25 %
  • Carbon emissions from manure handling -87 %
  • Crop yield +15 %
  • Nitrogen emissions -30 %

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