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Biometa Finland Ltd provides farmers with solutions for livestock manure management, self-sufficient bedding production, organic and inorganic fertilizer manufacture and energy production

Biometa Finland Ltd is a provider of circular economy–based solutions for technological and service business. The main products of the company are farm-scaled bioproduct plants and service concepts designed for managing organic side streams emerging in production. With full automation and efficient management, organic side streams are made into economically viable and material circulation-based products. Simultaneously, energy is produced and concentration of nutrients in the environment decreased.


  • At the moment, efficient management of manure causes costs
  • 95% of livestock manure is still driven on the fields unprocessed
  • Unprocessed manure causes eutrophication and increases the environmental burden
  • The proportions of nutrients of manure in fertilization are not optimal
  • Time resources are devoted to processing manure
Kuivike ja Lehmä
Biotuotelaitos Havainne


  • A new completely automatic farm-scaled bioproduct plant
  • A bioproduct plant makes a farmer–entrepreneur’s time usage more efficient
  • Manure is refined into hygienic bedding material, efficient fertilizer fractions and energy-rich biogas
  • Significantly decreases the odor and environmental burden caused by manure
  • Find out more about our bioproduct plant

When soil does well, animals do well and agricultural entrepreneur does well.

Petteri Heikkinen

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