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Bioproduct plant

Towards economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture

This innovation handles farm’s organic side-streams and turns it into valuable bioproducts while cutting down greenhouse gases, chemical oxygen demand, and ammonia emissions.


Novel process innovation

Plant utilizes and transforms the farm’s manure into valuable bioproducts, maximize biogas yield and reduce manure-based emissions utilizing:

  • New-generation high-rate liquid bioreactor
  • New-generation high-rate solid bioreactor
  • Sterilized Bedding Production unit
  • Automation system of the bioproduct plant
  • Ammonia Capture system
  • Integrated power source: Solar panels.

State of development

The bioproduct plant solution has been under development for several years:

  • From laboratory-scale to a working dairy farm, Biometa has tested and operated the solution
  • The product development’s final stage is the full-scale demonstration plant which includes all the core and subprocesses integrated together on a farm-scale.

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Market potential and customers

The bioproduct plant is suitable for dairy cow and swine farms. Bioproduct plant is scalable and offers its benefits to dairy cow farms of 50-500 head of cattle.

Based on Biometa’s own study, there are approximately 125 000 dairy cow farms in the EU that fit into this segment.

Seal of Excellence award

The innovation awarded the Seal of Excellence quality label from Horizon Europe’s EU EIC Accelerator Program under Technologies for ‘Fit for 55’. Check our certificate

Award was received 10/2022 which is a testament of the strength of the innovation as well as excellent project planning in terms of business modeling, commercialization preparation as well as final productization execution.

Read our white paper “Towards Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture”

Development stages

Since the beginning, several prototypes have been built and deployed in the field, undergoing numerous studies which have proven the technology and its benefits:

  • On a working dairy farm in Kempele, Finland and they began in 2016
  • On Luke’s (Natural Resources Institute of Finland) experimental field in Ruukki year 2019
  • On company’s premises


Test series and experiments were carried out first to build, construct and run-up the pilot plant and secondly, to ensure complete functionality of the bioproduct plant’s core and subprocesses.

The test series were finished by the end of year 2022 with multiple positive, measurable results.

We are looking for investors

We want to make the bioproduct plant solution a reality in solving agriculture’s current challenges.

We encourage all interested parties and those who are capable of commercialization to contact us and discuss further possibilities regarding the innovation.

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How to realize the bioproduct plant concept?

Biometa provides technical and commercial information to build the world’s first farm-scale bioproduct plant which is powered by next-generation, high-rate bioreactors. This includes:

  • The industrial rights and assets
  • All engineering data including Mass & Energy balance calculations and Piping & Instrumentation diagrams
  • All cost data and concept information
  • All data from the simulations and the experiments
  • Biometa’s expertise

Towards economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture